Saturday, 31 January 2009

Way of the Rodent - 2008/9 Awards

Hey, while I think on - I made the trip to London for the Way of the Rodent 2008/9 Games Awards this past Thursday night. And what a night it was! A bit more low-key than the last couple, perhaps, but no less enjoyable. Alcohol was drunk, swearing was heard, laughs were had, and some games won some awards.

It has to be said that you always get a great crowd at this thing, and this year was certainly no exception. And even if you only bump into each other this one time every year, everyone still feels like a friend, partly because of the brilliant forum but also because everyone just takes everyone as they are and gets along really well. Pop along to next year's... it'll be worth the effort. And check out the mag at the link above for the Awards results... we'll put them up there, sometime...

Oh, and you wouldn't see this at the Video Games BAFTAs...


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