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Wednesday, 15 April 2009

The Warriors (PS2)

The Warriors is a game I almost played once before. I rented it, and loaded it up to see what it was like. But I decided I didn't want to play it until I'd seen the movie. So, I put the movie in my online DVD rental queue, and waited. And waited... and eventually it came, and I watched it. It was alright, nothing special. And then, due to circumstances beyond my control, I never actually got to play the game. And I wasn't that bothered... but then I saw it in GAME for £1.98. Perfect opportunity to give it a second chance, then...

The first thing I should note, for anybody that might not be aware, is that this is a Rockstar game. Them of Grand Theft Auto fame. Now, I've never got on with any of the GTA games... GTA IV came closest to pulling me in, and in fact I'll probably go back to that one at some point, but they've never really grabbed me for some reason. So I didn't really have high hopes for this, especially with the movie being a bit iffy.

And to my surprise... my expectations were massively exceeded. The Warriors is absolutely tremendous.

Rockstar have taken the film and run riot with it. They've kept to the narrative extremely well, and yet built a coherent game around this, without ever feeling like they've chucked anything in as filler. I have to be honest, I'm seriously impressed with the way this game has been constructed.

Using some of the original actors for voice talent helps add to the atmosphere... the dialogue is pretty good throughout the parts I've played so far. And with it being a Rockstar game, there's "controversy"... it's unquestionably an adult game, with liberal use of swearing, violence and mature themes. And the game is so much the better for it. This unflinching, uncompromising attitude ensures that the game carries its vision through completely.

Some of the violence is really graphic and quite shocking, actually. I was a bit surprised, but this is a game about gangs, and it's totally in keeping with the theme. Speaking of gangs, there are plenty of them here, each with their own personalities. You'll probably shit yourself the first time you run into the Baseball Furies, for instance...

The Warriors is a game anyone over the age of eighteen really should play. It is, to my mind, the best and most focused Rockstar game I've ever played, and it's really enjoyable. Double Dragon for grown-ups, if you like. This has been quite a find for me. I can dig it. I'm dying to get back into it....

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