Saturday, 16 October 2010

Thoughts, ideas and thingies.

Hey gang,

Just having a few thoughts here, so I thought I'd think them out loud. I'm just harking back to when this was A Game A Day, which wasn't actually all that long ago. Like I've said before, I haven't really got the time to do a game a day, but I might start jotting down a few game-related musings on occasion, or maybe a post now and then to mention a few upcoming games. Anyone got any thoughts about that? Might it be a bit irritating?


  1. I quite like the sound of that. Go for it.

  2. Paul - I always figured that musings are fine, as long as they're personal in nature. The whole point of blogging (for me, at least) is the personal spin that the writer can put on things.

    But straight news, or dry here's-what's-coming-up posts? Nah - there's a squillion gaming news sites out there already :} The differentiator, as I said above, is the personal commentary.

  3. Oh, I definitely wouldn't be doing any straight news posts. God knows, there's enough places where you can get that stuff that have been doing it properly for years.

    Of course, I've just done a "here's what's coming up" post, of a sort... but without entirely giving the game away. I think you're right... I wouldn't want to do those for everything I'm doing. But I reckon as an occasional teaser, like this one, it might work alright.

  4. I remember trying something similar - something like the "next week" or "coming up" announcements on the telly.

    All that happened was that I felt increasingly pressured to write, and that took the fun out of it a bit.

    But I suspect that's something to do with my OCD, too ;)

  5. Yeah, once there's any pressure on, it ruins things for you. I've made allusions to what's coming rather than saying outright... and I've done that because I got distracted and now have several half-finished efforts!