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Saturday, 22 January 2011


I just fancied a bit of C64 love today, so I loaded up a game by revered software house Thalamus, and then a thought hit me: they didn't releases that many games, why not write about them all?

So that's what I'm going to do. There are fourteen Thalamus games on the C64, so between now and my Top 10 of '10, I'm going to play and write about all fourteen. I've only played a few of them before, so it'll be a mixture of rose-tinted nostalgia and voyage of discovery for me. I'm quite looking forward to it... hope you all like the idea!


  1. I think Sanxion is the only Thalamus game I've played, and that was on the Spectrum. Don't believe I've played a game with a more difficult Level 1.

  2. I think I've played eight of the fourteen, but I haven't played many of them properly... just the ones I bought...

  3. Nice idea Paul. I look forward to reading these. I've never owned a C64 and (to my knowledge) never played any of the conversions to other platforms. Should be interesting.

  4. Ah, cool stuff PaulE.

    I remember lusting after all the Thalamus games after they were (nudge nudge, wink wink) lauded so highly by Zzap; however, precious little UK software made it out here as it was, let alone stuff from "boutique" labels. But when The Hits compilations were released, I just happened to know a friend-of-the-family who was visiting the UK... a lot of begging later, and I had a great collection of games :)

  5. I think the offices for them were just off the roundabout by Aldermaston.