Thursday, 10 February 2011

A Gamer Forever Saying "Ouch".

Sorry for the lack of updates at the moment... there's a good reason for it, and it is this. There are many ailments of the human body, and one that afflicts me is psoriasis. But here's the thing... it only affect my fingers. How weird is that? And mostly, it's my two thumbs, two index fingers and two middle fingers.

It's really bizarre, but what it also is is really painful. When it flares up badly, it makes gaming and typing really difficult. In fact, it makes a lot of things difficult. I've almost lost debit cards in cashpoint machines because it's been almost impossible to pull thenm back out.

Anyway, I've been suffering from the death by a thousand cuts for the last week or so, with all six of those fingers badly cut. I guess this is a weird post to make, and I suppose I really don't have to explain myself (thanks to the cunning name change, if there's not a game a day I don't look quite as bad!), but I just thought I'd throw it out there. Hopefully I'll be healed a bit by the weekend, and back to the Thalamus games... although I've got six weekends' worth of overtime coming up, which might affect my free time somewhat...


  1. Hope you have a good weekend.
    All the best.

  2. Cheers Anon.

    Was hoping for a couple of free hours tonight... ended up watching Baby TV the whole time, hoping the youngest boy would go to sleep, with no luck!

    So have a good one for me!

  3. Shall do.
    I'm into playing on-line Nazi Zombies at the moment on the Der Reise map (PS3).
    Cracking stuff. My youngsters got me into playing it and now I can't put it down.

  4. Sorry to hear about this Paul. My Uncle had the same problem with his hands, so I know where you're coming from. It must be a real bummer for a gamer. I hope it clears up enough to get some serious gaming in soon. Kinect might be a blessing for you! If only they would release some decent games...

  5. It's a bit of a nightmare, although if you're in the mood then there's always something you can play... I'm playing Bubbles on MAME at the moment... all you need is the left stick!