Saturday, 26 November 2011

What's going on?

Hey gang!

Bit quiet here at the moment, but plans are afoot...

Christmas is coming, and last year I did a Game A Day Advent Calendar. It was actually rock hard to do, and there's no chance of me doing it again this year. But what can I do instead? Well, I've decided to do The Twelve Games Of Christmas. And no, I'm not finding games that have partridges or lords a-leaping... I'll be giving away a game every day for twelve days in the run-up to Christmas!

I'm too good to you lot. Now, most of these games will be PC games, via Steam. Sorry if that rules you out, but there might be the occasional game (or maybe gaming-related item) that's on another format... Haven't decided how the giveaway will work yet, but it'll be based around getting more readers here and followers on Twitter, no doubt.

I've got more, too. Remember the Braybrook series? There's going to be something more based on that. I can't say what yet, and it's not all my own work, but I'm quite excited by it...

And then I'll be thinking about more things to do in the New Year. I'm thinking of doing something around boxing videogames, which could be interesting. There will be more videos, although don't expect commentary just yet... I tried it and it was very uncomfortable! What do you think? Is there anything you want to see me have a go at? All comments and suggestions are welcome...


  1. I think I've said before that I think the commentary reallu is in the blog. However ican pehaps see a text based commentary which ties into the maain body of the blog itself, perhas with some fancy video titling-type effects. Not got tha faintest clue how to do that mind!

  2. A second comment on the giveaway idea might be to run some sort of mini competitions. for example who is your favourite video game character and why - or what's the best thalamus game and why - prize to the wittiest most touching - funniest entries.

  3. Yes, mini competitions and even votes on fav games might be a nice way to do them give-aways. Also Tone does have a point with the text based commentary...

  4. Hey sounds like a lot of fun! Good job with what I've read so far of your blog! Hope to see some more!!!