Sunday, 6 December 2009

Super Mario Bros. (NES)

Oh, come on. I mentioned in the Soosiz post a few days ago that I'd barely played any of the Super Mario games. And seeing as I got SMB for free from Nintendo, courtesy of buying the Internet Channel on the Wii ages ago, I thought, "what better than a miserable Sunday afternoon to sit and give it a good bash?"

With that out of the way, I then thought I'd have a go of Super Mario Bros. Haha. Ahem. Yes.

There's probably not much I can say about Super Mario Bros. that's new... I'm one of the few gamers that hasn't played the series extensively. That's a bit weird, but I've never really been that much into Nintendo's stuff. I went with Sega all the way up to the Saturn, and then with Sony and now Microsoft. They all suited my needs better. At times, I've had a Nintendo console as my "second" console, but never really given them as much attention. My wife, Lorraine, knows a lot more than me about how to play this.

Why is it that almost every SMB pic on the net is taken from level one? Can nobody be bothered to actually play it?

I don't regret that, but Super Mario Bros., after some extended play, really is a wonderful game. It's that so much has been packed into something that is essentially so simple, that goes towards making it so extraordinary. If it was simply a case of getting from left-to-right before the time ran out, it would be fun but unremarkable. But there are so many ways of getting there, courtesy of warps, and so many little things to find that you could play it for weeks and not have discovered everything.

I don't expect to sit and play this for hours on end from this point on... this blog would end right now if that were the case, for one thing, and I've just got too many other games that need to be played. But it feels comforting to know that it's just sitting in my Wii, tucked away out of sight, waiting for me when I've got the time. And I will have the time... I'll make sure of that.


  1. Worry not, Paul - apart from a few drunken bashes at Mario 64 at parties, I'd never played a Mario platformer in anger either... until NSMB on the DS.

    Wow. What a game!

    The ace thing about NSMBDS is that it leans toward the novice gamer; it's relatively easy and straightforward, and there's no massive stumbling blocks. It's also brilliantly portable, and many a time have I emerged from the loo with numb legs from playing NSMBDS so long ;)

    NSMBWii is much more difficult, and hence daunting, in comparison... but still a great game. Still, I'm extremely happy to have played the DS rendition first, and highly recommend it to anyone :)

  2. I haven't played anything of the NSMB games... in fact, the only Mario game I've really played seriously was Thousand Year Door. I'm thinking of getting NSMBWii as a family Christmas present, though...

  3. I've played the two games either side of Thousand Year Door - Paper Mario and Super Paper Mario - and highly recommend the former... it's a glorious bundle of RPG-lite fun.

    The latter, though, is complete cack. Looks pretty, though.

    More here :)