Thursday, 21 January 2010

Aliens vs Predator Classic 2000 (PC)

I think it would be fair to say I'd need more time with this game to appreciate it. I didn't have very long today, but I thought this would be easy enough to get into... load up, pick one of three species, and kill lots of things. So in that respect, I found it somewhat disappointing.

Aliens vs Predator, this original version, is interesting for the fact it lets you play as either the classic Alien (from the films, of course!), the Predator, or as a Colonial Marine. I started off with the Predator, thinking that would easily be the best. Not so. You start off armed only with what looks like a dog's paw and your invisibility cloak, which amounts to nothing as the frightened marines will shoot you dead whether you're invisible or not.

These 3D glasses will never take off...

Still, after a bit of sneaking around I was able to kill all the marines in my immediate area. And then... nothing. There were about six rooms available, and I couldn't find any way out. There was a walkway high up, but I couldn't use my grappling hook so I couldn't get up there. Stuck. Bah. So next, I tried the Alien.

I started off in what looked like an Egyptian pyramid. I slid down something that looked like I would imagine a birth canal might look like, into another room... with no exits. What? So with the Alien, I had a total of two rooms and no enemies. This was turning into more of a puzzle game than a FPS!

Die, alien scum! Oh hang on, I've used that, haven't I?

And so, it was on to the more boring and traditional human character. At least, now, I was given a game to play!

It's a very typical FPS, albeit made more tense by the atmosphere that's generated by the standard elements you'd expect. The high-pitched beeping of the alien tracker will always, always set you on edge, and when you round a corner and there's one right in your face, it's jumping-in-fright time. And that's always good.

Still, that alone wasn't enough to keep me in the game. I might go back to it at some point, but I have other FPS fish to fry, and unless someone tells me how to get into the Alien or Predator versions of this, then it'll sit in the Steam "My games" tab, untouched until 2020, more than likely.


  1. It's been a while since I played AvP as a Predator, but from what I recall, it was actually a bit boring, as you're effectively a tank. Mind you, using the speargun to nail heads to the wall was kinda fun.

    The Alien is a bit bizarre - from memory you have a "cling" button which lets you climb walls and ceilings. In turn, this works very nicely in conjunction with the head-bite manouvere...

  2. The big fail of this game is that marines can shoot you without caring if you are invisible or not. Playing as a predator had become in a stealth game experience... Buy Viagra Viagra

  3. Ohh, I managed to master the Alien bit. I worked it out on lsd lol. Twas amazing, you can really zip around the levels, jumping and clinging, speed attacks the order of the day.

    Enjoying the blog :)

  4. Always happy to hear from anyone re: the blog, especially if they're enjoying it! Thanks for the comments! I need to try this again... I'm struggling with the 360 AvP too!

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