Sunday, 8 March 2009

Right, then...

Rough couple of days for the Blog. As I suspected, I wasn't able to update this on Friday night due to being out on the beer. I tried, believe me I tried. But it turns out that trying to update a blog using a mobile phone on the bus whilst half-cut just doesn't work out that well.

Yesterday shouldn't have been a problem... but it was, thanks to an alcohol-induced headache. I pretty much stayed off the computer yesterday, although I did have a decent spell on Street Fighter IV late on (decent in length... I'm still hopeless at the game).

So, today is where I make up for these indiscretions. And how am I going to make up for it? By posting not one, not two, but THREE (you can count 'em when they're up), yes THREE different games comments.

Better get cracking instead of waffling on here, then...

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